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Guests Name
Our Mistake
Phone Number
Transaction #
Resolved Init.
January 02 2020 0:00:00Chris CNo chicken in burritoReplace burrito and bogTy
January 02 2020 0:00:00Nicole PMissing 6 nuggets837895717Replace 6 count and bogTy
January 08 2020 0:00:00Nikki zeidanGot chicken biscuit instead of buttered biscuit4795446601Replace + BOGBC
January 13 2020 0:00:00Kristi SargentGot wrong bag303-759-5596Replace large spicy meal and large fryRC
January 20 2020 0:00:00Christopher BryanGot wrong bag, completely wrong order303-803-6343Replace reg spicy and Mac + BOGRC
January 21 2020 0:00:00MickeyMissed hashbrownReplace+BOGTy
January 23 2020 0:00:00Nicholas tadiaMissed a reg sandwich 7202403129Replace sandwich and bogKm
January 23 2020Steven DMissed 2 large friesReplace bogHs
January 29 2020 0:00:00 noelle tathaoMissed cfa sandwich 9704567177Replace sandwich & bogKm
January 31 2020 0:00:00Bob BellBreaded nuggets on COBB. Should have been grilled303 349 2200 Replace order on next visit & BOGJF
January 31 2020 0:00:00Delilah mitchellSpicy deluxe WITH American but gave with pepperjack and missed Mac and cheese7205227487Replace and BOGAs
February 07 2020 0:00:00Gary holtMissed 8 mealReplace BOGAs
Feb 8James MurdochMissed parts deluxe mealPromo reg OR spicy deluxe meal
February 10 2020 0:00:00Candace SchoeffMissed two kids mac n cheese(720) 456-5708Replace 2 kids mac n cheese and 2 BOG's (2 separate occasions) ty
2-24-2020Rose mochol(sp?)Missing 8 ct meal3367305Replace meal add cookie or sm milkshakeBud
February 28 2020 0:00:00Andy2 chicken burritos2 chicken burritos and BOGLC
March 02 2020 0:00:00Michael12 nugget 3033562622Replace12countap
March 03 2020Maria1 kids ice dream cup3038810588Replace ice dream cupEP
March 07 2020KimJust got filet instead of sandwich Replace
March 05 2020 0:00:00Megan billingerMissed two cfa san3035197476Replace bogAs
March 10 2020 0:00:00Courtney hentzMissed 4 count mini406 552 2873Replace entree + bogNABC
March 18 2020 0:00:00Elijah cedlianGot grilled instead of spicy720-641-0759Replace spicy and bog1Km
March19Cat ledyExtra crispy fries3123507550Drop fresh fries and bogVS
April 01 2020 0:00:00Becky WithersWrong market salad7042932290Replace + BOG?RC
April 01 2020 0:00:00Tim PendoMissed spicy sandwich7205571165Replace and bog3427258Jl